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540 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02116
Will you be one of the 90?

Stephen Cabral Studio of Boston’s South End is offering 90 Bostonians the
opportunity to work in semi-private sessions at our premier studio.

You will have the opportunity to train with up to 2 other people who share your
same goals and aspirations. Each program will be designed and customized to
meet your individual needs within the semi-private session.

You can have us match you up with 1-2 other people or you can start your own
semi-private session with 1 or 2 other friends!

Client Benefits:
  •        Initial fitness consultation
  •        Complete 12 week nutrition and diet book
  •        Nutrition checklist journal
  •        Exercise program design
  •        Semi-private sessions
  •        Weekly accountability checklists
  •        Monthly progress reports
  •        Premier training at a fraction of the price
  •        Guaranteed results
  •        Exclusive studio community events

Need another reason to join our semi-private sessions? Each session is only
$55 and that includes everything! Monthly packages start at just $440

Silver Package
Enjoy the benefits of training twice a week at our premier facility where you will
receive 1st class service.

Gold Package
Ready to take it up notch and get results that much faster? You will be training
with us three times a week in a fun and motivational atmosphere.

Platinum Package
We have 10 VIP packages reserved for clients who are looking to train up to 5
times a week. You will also have the exclusive flexibility of being able to
reschedule a session for any other day that week at no charge.
* Call or email us for custom package details

If you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life and are ready to
start looking and feeling your best, then contact Stephen Cabral Studio today to
ask about your complimentary fitness assessment.

Together, we will make this the year that your health & fitness dreams become
a reality!

Committed to your success,

Stephen Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS