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guaranteed results personal training systems are also backed by Stephen Cabral's
11+ years and over 11,397 sessions worth of real world results Stephen has provided his
clients with. During that time Stephen Cabral has literally written the body transformation
book on how to reshape your body in record time. He is the author of Lose5in7 and the
creator of the ultimate
Trim, Tone & Tighten online personal training & coaching.

Stephen's training systems have been featured on TV, magazines, newspapers, online, and
on the radio and he has over 300 published articles and videos seen by over 1,000,000
viewers worldwide.

Here is a sample of some of those videos shot right here at
Stephen Cabral's Boston
personal training studio:

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Success Story
Through Eddy’s determination and
dedication to his new healthy
lifestyle, he was able to achieve
amazing results. Eddy followed his
nutritional guidelines and worked
out three times a week with one day
of additional cardio.

His results say it all:
• 248lbs - 176.6lbs  (lost -71.4
• 37% - 16.7% (lost -20.3%
bodyfat! )
• 48in - 36in  (lost -12 off waist!)

Congratulations to Eddy, and I look
forward to his continuing success!

-Eddy Cruise
“Steve has been my personal
trainer for two years. He is
I have never been
in better shape
, and he knows
his stuff better than any trainer I
have had in the past.
I am a
physician,and this guy knows
more about orthopedics and
injuries than I do!"

- Dr. Chris Phillips
“After 1 1/2 years I have made
more progress with Steve than I
have on my own or with other
trainers in the last 10 years.
have lost over 12 lbs, 3 inches off
my waist, and decreased my body
fat. Steve is fun to work with and at
the same time very motivational.”

-Mark Anxil
Stephen Cabral
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