You will have the power to achieve all this with the guidance of Stephen Cabral.
Together we will assess where you are now and then map out a plan to get where
you want to be.
Your personal trainer will take the time to find out what works best
for you.

This approach allows you to get the type of
professional service that will keep you
motivated and your workouts feeling creative and enjoyable.
Your results will not go

Although myself and the rest of the Fitlife Team train
everyone from professional
athletes to soccer moms
, we have become most well-known for these specialty
areas of expertise: Available
In-Home or at our Studio

•        Permanent Weight Loss Programs
After 10,000 sessions I can tell you with confidence that if you allow me to show you
what is the fastest and safest ways possible to lose weight, you will see yourself
noticeably slimming down each week! We won’t use fads or any magical
supplements, but instead concentrate on my proven methods of fast and permanent
weight loss.

•        The Wedding Trainer
How does a 100% success rating sound to you! Every time I work with a bride-to-be to
get her ready for her big day she ends up loving the way she looks and feels. Whether
you are looking to lose weight, tone-up, or achieve the total package you will with my
professional guidance and personal training programs.

•        Live the FitLife
Through educational workouts and nutritional guidelines you will learn a healthier way
to live your life and begin to feel an increased level of energy, confidence, and overall
well-being. These are strategies you can take anywhere and incorporate everyday of
your life.

•        Postural Alignment & Integrative Flexibility
After we review your overhead squat analysis and functional movement screen we will
develop a program to add flexibility and strength in the areas needed to move your
body back into balance. You’ll also get a great workout while doing it!

•         Strength & Conditioning
Whether you are young or old, your body is your vehicle through life and you must
keep it strong! Together we will strengthen your joints, connective tissue, muscles,
and your cardiovascular system to get you into peak condition and increase your
quality of life.

•        Athletic Performance
I have worked with athletes ranging from professional, semi-pro, youth athletes and
everywhere in between. After reviewing the specifics of your sport I will design an
athletic performance and injury prevention program suited to your specific needs.

•        Total Body Transformation!
This is the ultimate in terms of weight loss and living healthy. It is a total commitment
to seeing yourself feeling and looking great and then following through with what
needs to be done in order to transform your body & your mind!

•        FitLife Set-Up & Check-Ups
This popular package includes (1) fitness assessment, (2) 60-minute personal
training sessions, FitLife Nutritional Plans, a full-color print out of your personalized
workout with photos, and access to FitLife Online Personal Training by

•        Grocery Shopping – The FitLife Way
This 90 minute educational food shopping tour makes choosing healthy foods easy
once you have learned the “secrets” behind nutritional labels and what your best
choices are for your favorite foods and recipes. You will also receive my FitLife Foods
Checklist  that will help you make smarter choices for you and your family!

“If you don’t agree that your personal training experience was the most professional
and best you have ever had just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund – no
questions asked.

I’ll even go 1 step further…

If for any reason and at anytime you are not satisfied with your workouts and have
been training with me twice a week, I will refund your entire package and pay for your
first personal training session with another trainer!”
60 Minute  /  30 Minute  /  Partner  /  Small Group
Set-Up Programs  /  Online  /   Phone Coaching
*** The Best Guarantee in Personal Training ***
Committed to your Success,

Stephen Cabral
As a personal trainer I am well informed on health, nutrition and certainly on
exercise.  However, after going through some personal changes in my life I had put
on a few extra lbs. -yes, trainers are human too!  I wanted to lose the weight for
myself, but also
wanted to feel good for my wedding in July.  I for some reason
could put together plans for my clients, but needed that extra motivation for myself.  
Steve and I had worked together previously, so I knew how wonderful he was at his
profession.  A friend was also working with him and sang his praises so I gave him
a call. - great move by me:)Steve is an incredibly talented personal trainer.  
workouts are clearly individualized and he always goes the extra step to make it
a fully comprehensive program
. He is up to date on nutrition and training and will
spend additional time to provide you with all the tools he can.  
Steve is so incredibly
motivating, fun to work with, creative and truly vested in his client's progress.  
This may sound "cliche", but I've really watched and felt my body transfom since
we've been working together, and I'm thankful to have him as my trainer.”

                                                                                   Stephanie Weston
The Best Guarantee in Personal Training! …read below for details.
You will feel better!  You will look great!  And you will be healthier!
Guaranteed Results in 90 Days!
Committed to your success,

Stephen Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS
Body Transformation Coach
10,000+ sessions, 10 years+ experience
Stephen Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS                                                    Body Transformation Coach
The guaranteed fastest complete
in-home weight loss system!
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