“Whether I was losing weight, toning up, or just increasing overall strength and
stamina, Steve's program became a part of my life. It did not require long hours in a
gym with impossible equipment. It was a lifestyle that incorporated smart, healthy
eating with a simple, yet extremely affective strength and cardio routine. Steve
provided a workout that kept my heart rate up and my muscles engaged,
me to loose weight and cut inches in less time then I thought possible
. Through
Steve's program, I have been able to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle which keeps
me engaged and experiencing results at all times.
The benefits of this program
will change your life

                                                                                                  Julia Sousa
Online personal training is a great way to receive customized personal training at a
fraction of the cost.
Unlike the majority of online fitness training sites, I do not have
hand out fat loss or muscle gain “cookie cutter” programs that you get after filling out
a few questions.

When you work with FitLife by Stephen Cabral you are getting an
individualized online
personal training program that is only developed after discussing your personal
goals and restrictions.

Benefits of Online Personal Training by StephenCabral.com:

 Online personal training allows you the freedom to workout at anytime
 Online personal training provides you with customized workout programs  
        you can take anywhere
 Online personal training provides you with an individualized nutritional plan  
       tailored to your health & fitness goals.
 You will receive customized personal training at a fraction of the price with   
       online personal training
 With StephenCabral.com you will have access to a members only online      
       personal training page full of exercise video demonstrations, as well as         
       other helpful tips!
 Online personal training is great alternative for clients who do not live in  
       the Boston area, but would still like to receive the type of professional         
       customized programs I have been providing now for over 10 years!


"Why my online personal training programs are the industry's best,"
and "Why my programs are so easy to use and understand…"

With your online personal training account you will not have to log-in to a member’s only site and remember passwords month after month. Instead you will receive
your own customized online personal training workout emailed or mailed to you, so
that you may have the program printed out and easily take it anywhere you like.

In addition to this service FitLife by StephenCabral.com will offer
unlimited email
support to make sure that you understand each step and are enjoying your online
personal training workouts
. This type of commitment is unheard of when it comes to
online personal training, which is why FitLife by StephenCabral.com is so unique.

Your Online Personal Training Program Includes:

•        4 week resistance workout ($90 value!)
•        4 week cardiovascular workout (
$90 value!)
•        FitLife nutritional program (
$90 value)
•        Access to online exercise video demonstrations (
$69 value)
•        Full-color workout program print-out with photos of exercises (
$49 value!)
•        15 minute phone consultation (
$25 value!)
•        E-mail support (
•        The FitLife guarantee! (
full refund if you’re not completely satisfied!)

*** You get all of this for only $90/mo. ($413 value!) ***

Click below to begin your own online personal training program and start getting the
results you deserve today!
Professional Online Personal Training in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Click Get Started Today! & choose your Online Personal
Training Package.

2. You will
receive an email with all the details of how to get
started today by filling out your FitLife 50pt New Online Client

3. You will have
your very own customized Online Personal
Training Package within 24-48hrs
created by me (not some
computer program)!
Your Customized Online Personal Training Package includes:

2 Full-Color Resistance Workouts

Cardio Interval Programs

Online Exercise Video Demos

Workout Tips & Guidelines

Daily Food Journal

Nutritional Meal Plans

Nutritional Guidelines

Progress Reports

FitLife Newsletter

Unlimited Email Support

FitLife Guarantee!
Welcome to the Best in Online Personal Training!

Never before has an online personal training package like this been offered. Most
online training workouts that people use are just analyzed and spit out by a computer,
but not this one. I actually read over all of your individual information, and spend
hours designing the ultimate program specifically for you!
Sample Workout
Make the commitment to yourself and get started today!
“Working out with Steve has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!  I
am more inspired to focus on my exercise routine and I’ve noticed faster results
than just doing cardio on my own.  Steve will take the time to understand your fitness
goals and puts together a program specifically tailored to you.
 I’m getting
compliments every day on how great I look
; the whole experience has been
transforming.  Thanks Steve for your help, dedication, commitment and motivation –
I couldn’t have done it without you!”
                                                                                         Crissy Cerullo
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