Below you will  find links to trusted sources with the real research to back up their
articles and  findings.

Fitness Calculators
BMI - Body Mass Index -
Waist-to-Hip Ratio -
Sit and Reach Flexibility -
Push Up -
Sit Up -
Your health age & life expectancy -

PubMed Central, National Institute of Health Articles -
Medline Plus, trusted health information -
Healthfinder, reliable health Information -

Nutrition Information -
Office of Dietary Supplements -

Calculate calories expended - Favorites
My former website -
Juice Plus Nutrition -
Looking for a reputable Health Club? -

Top Personal Training Organizations
National Academy of Sports Medicine -
American College of Sports Medicine -
National Strength & Conditioning Association -
American Council on Exercise -

* I will continue to update this page with new links to keep you informed of the newest
information in the health & fitness field as it becomes available.

* If any of the links do not directly transfer you to their website, just copy and paste the
url into a new browser window
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